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It's easy and useful , All you have to do is to register for free , learn about crypto projects by watching videos to earn LTE Coins.

Our Vision

Increasing awareness of crypto knowledge by supporting new crypto projects, and motivating the community through Learning and Earning Systems.

Our Mission

Choosing professional informative content that presents the crypto knowledge from our partners at the same time offering an opportunity to earn coins through learning to our community.


  1. Total Supply : 500,000,000
  2. PreSale : 200,000,000
  3. Marketing : 20,000,000
  4. Reward Token For Platform Customer : 146,000,000
  5. Team Token : 20,000,000
  6. Liquidity : 104,000,000
  7. PreSale Price: 1,000,000 LTE = 1 BNB
  8. Liquidity Locked : 1 year


Ido Launch

The Ido is live now on unilock Platform.


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